Mtn Dew Summer season Freeze is a Dew with a whiff of summertime Americana, however after tasting it, it is extra of a Dew with a whiff of nostalgia. ‘Trigger it is simply me, or does it style like one other Dew taste? A case of already DEW?

Whereas the brilliant blue shade of Summer season Freeze evokes antifreeze, its aroma jogs my memory of the frozen fruity novelty represented by the purple, white and blue popsicles on the can. Its taste has a blue raspberry punch with a little bit of cherry on the again. There’s additionally a touch of citrus that represents the lime/white lemon a part of patriotic pop.

For probably the most half, it tastes like a melted popsicle, however I can not assist however say that, as somebody who’s finished lengths with the assorted Dews, this Summer season Freeze could be a slight rephrasing or a renaming of a earlier taste. However, general, it is a enjoyable, limited-time addition to the Dew lineup.

What’s additionally enjoyable are the can graphics, that are stuffed with purple, white, and blue bro-sicles that appear like they’re attempting to get as foolish and enjoyable as potential earlier than they fade into oblivion. The pictures are additionally peppered with references to Dew, such because the ice cream truck’s license plate being MD1940, which references the invention of Mtn Dew in 1940; then there’s “DTD” on the hearth hydrants, which implies, everybody says it with me, Do the Dew; after which the “DSA” tattooed on the stick of the upside-down popsicle that originally appears to fade into oblivion, which could possibly be a nod to a earlier summer time dew, DEW-SA.


May or not it’s a reformulation of DEW-SA? It was a mixture of Mtn Dew Code Purple (cherry), Whiteout (citrus) and Voltage (raspberry), however made throughout the darkish days of Dew by including synthetic sweeteners with excessive fructose corn syrup to cut back a bit the variety of sugars within the drink. Perhaps Summer season Freeze is the end result when sucralose is faraway from DEW-SA, and perhaps that is why it appears so acquainted to me. Oh, talking of synthetic sweeteners, that is additionally out there in a Zero Sugar selection.

Buy value: A couple of ought to pay on eBay
Dimension: 12 fl oz cans/12 pack
Bought at: eBay
Score: 7 out of 10
Dietary contributions: (1 can) 160 energy, 0 grams fats, 50 milligrams sodium, 43 grams carbs, 43 grams sugar (43 grams of which is added sugar), 0 grams protein, and 55 milligrams caffeine.

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