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Though I normally affiliate Malt-O-Meal with a “scorching cereal” provider (porridge? runny oatmeal? oatmeal?), they make over THIRTY styles of chilly produce, and this one is definitely 75% of its gross sales. So I assume the joke is on me. Whereas most of its choices mimic these of its greatest opponents – Kellogg’s and Common Mills – its new taste is a bit quirky: Maple Bacon Donut.

How is it?

That is okay, however I do not know if that is what I get from “Maple Bacon Donut”. More often than not, it tastes like an additional candy Honey Walnut Cheerios with a wholesome dose of synthetic smoke and a bit of salt. And this description might sound horrible, however I guarantee you the precise outcome will not be. Often I had a bit of one thing that seemed like maple, however principally it was “general sweetness”. Once more, with a bit of smoke. And a bit of salinity.

Anything to know?

Like most Malt-O-Meal cereals, this selection is available in a resealable bag and the bag is the dimensions of a pillow. This can be a superb factor should you just like the Malt-O-Meal you purchased; should you weren’t a fan, congratulations to your youngsters on the enormous bag of cereal they’ll inherit if you die.


Though I loved this new and strange taste, I’d be hesitant to buy once more. It was solely barely higher than okay, and there are such a lot of. Because it stands, I will in all probability go this bag on to the subsequent era already. (What I imply, type of steal for underneath $6.)

Buy value: $5.48
Lower: 30 ounce bag
Bought at: walmart
Ranking: 6 out of 10
Dietary contributions: (1 cup) 150 energy, 1.5 grams fats, 0 grams saturated fats, 0 grams trans fats, 0 milligrams ldl cholesterol, 250 milligrams sodium, 34 grams carbohydrates, lower than 1 gram fiber, 17 grams of whole sugars (together with 17 grams of added sugar) and a couple of grams of protein.

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